Those that know me or have been following this blog for a while will know that I'm not really a fan of pattern.  Or tiles, for that matter.  I think it's a throwback to some of the horrible bathrooms I encountered while renting - all scummy grout and mould - yuk!

So it is with slight trepidation that I admit my latest style crush: patterned tiles.

When I revamped the kitchen and bathroom in my flat I used plain black tiles on the floor.  Now, with two cheeky little kitties in the house I find I am constantly having to mop up as every crumb and spill sticks out like a sore thumb and it drives me bonkers.  A patterned floor, I think, would not show up these little specks of irritation. 

However, with my flat currently on the market, I am just going to have to hold this thought until I get a new place.  In the meantime though, here are a few of my favourite designs...


I love the exotic look of these tiles from the Odyssey range by Original Style. Imagine whiling away the hours in the classic roll-top bath, dreaming of faraway places!

'PHOENICIAN'ceramic floor tile, Original Style

'PHOENICIAN'ceramic floor tile, Original Style


If you fall for something that's eye-wateringly expensive, like these Caspari Antiqued Silver tiles from Topps Tiles (£169 per square metre), zoning is a great way to incorporate them in to your scheme without breaking the budget.  

CASPARI Antiqued Silver tiles, £62.99 per tile - Topps Tiles

CASPARI Antiqued Silver tiles, £62.99 per tile - Topps Tiles


For a more traditional feel these Victorian-style encaustic patterned tiles will look amazing on the floor or as a splashback. 

HENLEY ICE tile, £59.95 per square metre  -  Topps Tiles

HENLEY ICE tile, £59.95 per square metre  - Topps Tiles


My go-to place for tiles is Fired Earth, there are so many beautiful styles to choose from (I have to admit to using the budget-busting Iridescent Mosaic tiles in my bathroom!).  If, perhaps by accident, some of my floor were to get damaged and - oh no! - I have to re-tile the whole lot, I think I'd go for the Rhombus Mosaic.  The stepped cube pattern reminds me of the M.C. Escher tessellations that I was fascinated by at school and would create a striking effect enough to distract me from any food detritus.  However, scraps are all I'd be able to afford after laying them so the floor would be spotless!

RHOMBUS Mosaic, £275 per square metre -  Fired Earth

RHOMBUS Mosaic, £275 per square metre - Fired Earth