A couple of months ago I was chatting to a stylist friend about my impending life changes and she asked if I had made a vision board.  Given that I hadn't a clue what she was talking about I could safely say that, no, I hadn't made one.

After a brief explanation and an interesting conversation on the subject of manifestation I decided that it was definitely something I would try:  my penchant for scrapbooking and making mood boards should make it pretty easy.  Or so I thought...

Vision boards are not a new concept.  Plenty of material exists on the subject although psychologists and spiritualists seem somewhat divided.  Based on the Law of Attraction, the theory states that every positive and negative event that happens to you is attracted by you. So, if you visualise tripping over the cat and falling down the stairs (like I do) it will inevitably happen.  Likewise, if you dream of a holiday home in Goa (ahem!) and ask the Universe nicely, it too will become a reality. 

Now, I'm not big on spirituality and all that hippy-dippy nonsense, but I do think there's a certain level of karma in life and that everything happens for a reason.  On the flip-side I do also have a total disregard for Creationism and believe everything that Professor Brian Cox says to be fact.

Confusing? Try being me!!

Anyway, back to the vision board...

It's quite tricky to know what you want in life without being distracted by material things like an Audi R8 or patent Christian Louboutin Mary Janes (squeee!!).  Do any of these things really make one happy? A friend of mine could never understand why I dislike my job so much.  I get quite well paid, I get to meet Famouses (sometimes) and don't even have to work every day.  He, to paraphrase, slogs his guts out 5 days a week just to earn half the money I get in a day.  But it doesn't make me happy, I say.  It's not challenging or fulfilling.  Yes, it enables me to go out and not worry too much about money but at the end of the day I just don't feel satisfied.  So my vision board is more about how I want to feel rather than what I want to get.  I'm also hoping it will enable me to de-clutter my head and focus on me.

I want to feel content and relaxed so I am including things that do that:  clear blue skies, Scandinavian style decor, hot pink flowers. Yes, I have included the villa in Goa, not because I actually want to own one but because it reminds me of how good I feel when I am there.  


I'm adding things as I go along - a vision board is an organic process and one that will change hopefully as things begin to manifest.  I'm trying to be realistic though - I thought about adding a picture of Jennifer Aniston but I'm never going to have a body like her because I'm rather partial to the odd glass (cough!) of fizzy wine and I'm basically lazy. It would just make me all 'judgey' about myself and that's the sort of negative shizz I'm trying to let go of.  I will add pictures of people I admire and am inspired by though - Victoria Beckham, Caitlin Moran and my auntie Zorina are all going on there.

Maybe I'll sneak on a picture of Bradley Cooper too - if you don't ask , you don't get!!