Well I can't believe we're in to July already! And you know what that means? Yep, Christmas.

Initial mug, £2 - Matalan.  Photo ©KerryHussain2018

Initial mug, £2 - Matalan.  Photo ©KerryHussain2018

The interiors world is full of Christmas events and previews at this time of year, I think it's going to be especially odd this time seeing as we're in the grip of this epic 'heatwave' (or summer, as it's more commonly known).  So, before the madness begins I'm making time to enjoy moments of calm by practicing meditation, mindfulness and peace of mind.  

In the mornings I love to sit quietly with a good cup of coffee and just contemplate the day ahead and although I have three or four favourite mugs already I couldn't resist adding this one, above, to the collection.  I've been suitably impressed by Matalan's home range, there are some lovely little accessories like this which are a great way to add interest quickly and for minimal outlay.  At just two squid each I could spell out my whole name without breaking the bank! 

I'll think about it.