So today I went out intending to buy a new scarf.  I came home with a scented candle.

A quick mooch around Islington may have led me to my new favourite scent, not just for my home but possibly me as well.  Previously I have been partial to The White Company's 'Seychelles' range as it invokes a real longing for white sand beaches and clear blue seas.  I love it  but it doesn't really seem to suit my flat.  I know this probably sounds ridiculous but I think finding a scent for your home is similar to finding your own signature perfume (for the record, mine is Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle).  

I have a nose for light florals like Jasmine and Narcissus, but also the creamier (can a scent be described as creamy?) notes of vanilla and a bit of zesty orange.  I wandered in to L'Occitane quite unexpectedly - I've never been in there before - and now I may never shop for a scent anywhere else!

After deliberating for some time between  'Vanille & Narcisse' and 'Néroli & Orchidée' I plumped for the latter,  reasoning that it was a more wintery smell. 

                                                      Photograph © Kerry Hussain 2015

                                                      Photograph © Kerry Hussain 2015

Described on the L'Occitane website as 'playful' and 'voluptuous' with 'fruity notes'  all I can say is that it is heavenly! It is fresh yet exotic, elegant with a hint of spice and immediately transports me to a posh hotel in a faraway land.  

Until I can afford to go on holiday again, this will have to suffice!