After seeing the pictures of my place in 25 Beautiful Homes (did I mention that?!) I decided that the space behind my desk looked a little plain and boring so at the weekend I gave it a bit of a makeover.

I wanted to paint on the same pattern that the hearth is tiled in but I've never actually done anything like that because a) I'm too impatient and b) I'm too impatient.  But, no-one else was going to do it so I bit the bullet and went about the head-scratching task of drawing out.

And this is the result:

Photo:  ©KerryHussain

Photo:  ©KerryHussain

To say I'm feeling rather pleased with it is a bit of an understatement! I only needed to buy the grey paint as I used leftovers from when I decorated the rest of the room.  Of all the greys out there I chose Valspar's Summer Grey and I think I nailed it first time.  

I have a white shelf to fit at the top which will create a neat border between the pattern and the plain wall.  It's starting to resemble a smart, professional home office - I'm gonna have to do some work now!