Those of you who have been reading the previous incarnation of this blog over on blogspot will have an inkling that I'm kind of obsessed with property.  Particularly fantasy property or, as I like to call it, Property Porn.

I like to snoop around these amazing homes and imagine what it might be like to live in them should I ever win the Euromillions! (the fact that I'd rattle around like a pea in a dolly tub is irrelevant)

This week I have spied Stanton Court, a 10-bedroom Grade II listed Jacobean manor house in Stanton, Gloucestershire.  In addition to the 12 acres that come with the house, there are four cottages and 50 separate acres of woodland.

Believed to date from the reign of James I in the early 17th Century, this impressive Cotswold stone manor also comes with an indoor pool and its very own cricket pitch.

All this could be yours and you'd still get change from £10million!

Available through Savills at £9.75m