Hello! Welcome to the week, here we go with another Monochrome Moment!

Now, I realise this is not strictly monochrome due to the slightly pink tone on the wall (it's Valspar's Rose Crystal for those interested) and the addition of more ivy but I'm rather pleased with this shot of my bookshelves so I wanted to share it with you. 

Photo ©KerryHussain

Photo ©KerryHussain

I really am going to have to stop buying any more decorative bits and bobs as the shelves are getting a bit busy now but it's fun to keep rearranging everything! I bought the succulents from Columbia Road flower market with the intention of using them as props on photoshoots but while I'm at home it seemed a shame to box them away with all the other stuff I use.  

As a result these shelves are rapidly becoming my new prop store!