Last week I said goodbye to my beloved North London as the sale of my flat finally went through.  After months of waiting and a couple of weeks of will it, won't it, it was a frantic last day as I moved all my stuff in to storage and shipped the kitties off to stay with Uncle Ford for a couple of weeks.

I am, for the time being, officially homeless.  And for a property-obsessed interiors junkie that is a pretty scary situation to be in.  However, in a surprisingly (for me) positive spin, living in a hotel with only the daily essentials is making me more determined, when I finally move in to my new place, to implement a more simplistic style.

I have never been a hoarder and I can't stand useless clutter but it still amazes me that I have so much 'stuff'.  I got rid of a load of it while I was packing but I'm sure I can thin it out even more when I'm unpacking.  To paraphrase the old William Morris adage, if it's not useful or beautiful it has no place in my space.  But - forget the 'or'! - I'm going one step further: anything new that I need to get for my home must be both.  

Once such item that fits the criteria is the Emma Kettle from Stelton.

The 'Emma' kettle, £119 -  Twenty Twenty One

The 'Emma' kettle, £119 - Twenty Twenty One

Designed by Danish duo HolmbäckNordentoft this is quite possibly the most aesthetically pleasing piece of kitchenware I've ever come across! A sleek combination of steel and wood it is part of Stelton's award-winning tea and coffee range and a far cry from your average water-boiler.  The double-insulated inner wall prevents the outside from becoming too hot to touch and it features an automatic switch off and removable limescale filter.  

Smart and beautiful - just like the Danes themselves!