I’m not really one for crosswords and you’re never going to see me attempt a sudoko puzzle but I do love to find things. *Guilty Secret Alert* - I have all the Where’s Wally books (even the travel edition with a mini magnifying glass!!) and if I start looking I can’t leave it until I’ve found not just Wally but all the characters.

I’m also a bit of a word search nut, I spent many happy hours as a child with my books and a biro circling all the words on the list (and I had to find them in the right order, no skipping ahead!).

I haven’t done one in a while but I’ve just come across the Ultimate.

Image courtesy of Bold Tuesday

Image courtesy of Bold Tuesday

This is the Find It World word search poster from travel-hungry Estonian design duo Bold Tuesday. All 196 countries of the world are waiting to be found, you can either just tick off the places you’ve been or spend some time finding them all. It may take a while…

Find It World Travel Poster, €29.90 - Bold Tuesday