Well hello!

It's been a while since I posted, I've been rather busy with new design projects, styling and...finishing my flat!!  Yes, apart from painting the inside of the front door ( I can't decide on colour :-/), it's all done!

To celebrate this momentous occasion I thought I'd share a few before and after pics over the next few posts and hopefully give you some ideas and inspiration for your homes. So, without further ado, let me show you around...



This was one of the big jobs as it required relocating the kitchen from the back of the flat to the front.

Fortunately, under my flat is the cellar which meant all the pipes could be easily run underneath rather than through the property.  I knew the moment I first looked at this place that this would be the sensible thing to do - thus turning a one bedroom flat in to a two bedroom place. 

I'm a lover of straight lines so a galley kitchen is my layout of choice.  However, I decided against putting in an island or extra row of cabinets because A, I didn't want it to encroach in to the living area too much and B, I don't really need the extra surface because -as many who know me will testify - I'm not much of a cook.

Instead I have opted for a large sideboard (an eBay bargain) which acts as storage for any extra pots and my posh wine glasses. 

BEFORE.  Image ©Kerry Hussain

BEFORE.  Image ©Kerry Hussain

AFTER.  Image ©Kerry Hussain

AFTER.  Image ©Kerry Hussain

Image ©Kerry Hussain 

Image ©Kerry Hussain 

After much deliberation on the arrangement I managed to fit in the fridgefreezer, full size dishwasher, two 600mm drawer cabinets and the oven in to this run.  The units are the Helmsley Bespoke range from DIY Kitchens sprayed in Off Black by Farrow & Ball.  This is a fantastic option if, and I'm assuming this is most people, a high end manufacturer such as Neptune or Smallbone is not just over budget but taking it on a rocket to Mars!  

With over 200 door choices and custom paint options it's easy to get a semi-bespoke kitchen for a fraction of the cost.  And they're made in Britain with solid hardwood doors.  I am very pleased I decided against Ikea for this one! 

I'm particularly pleased with the shelf.  Leather belt straps from eBay hold up the shelf that was purchased with the units.  Again, a fraction of the cost of buying them off the shelf (pun intended).

FullSizeRender 82.jpg

Originally I wanted to have a marble worktop (because who doesn't?!) but as the kitchen took shape I decided that it wasn't the look I was going for.  I chose oak in the end and am really pleased with how it adds warmth to the room, and now the floors are sanded it ties in nicely.  I'm also ecstatic that, although I had budgeted £1200 for the worktop, I saved myself a whopping £1000.

I love it so much I'm tempted to get my one and only cookbook out!


Stay tuned for Part Two - The Bathroom.