Over the last few weeks my Instagram feed has been full of holiday photos: views over Italian countryside, stunning sunsets and crystal clear waters.  I'm only jealous a little bit. Ok, a lot.

There was one picture in particular that really invoked a holiday vibe and had me longing for some heat but it wasn't a cocktail on the beach or tanned toes paddling in the sea.  It was a picture of a bath. Outdoors, surrounded by stone walls draped in lush tropical greenery.

Madras bathroom at Vivenda Dos Palhaços, Goa.  Photo ©verykerryh2016

Madras bathroom at Vivenda Dos Palhaços, Goa.  Photo ©verykerryh2016

Yes, dear readers, there is something about an outdoor bathroom that, to me, just screams HOLIDAAAAAYYYY!!!  After a long day sunning oneself on alabaster sands the best way to cool off before heading out to dinner is under a rain shower open to the sky.   

At the Vivenda Dos Palhaços in South Goa my favourite room is 'Madras' purely because of its bathroom. Showering outdoors is a wonderfully freeing experience - it feels so natural yet, for those of us who are not quite that free, there is still complete privacy among the foliage.

There are so many fantastic examples I could show you but I've managed to narrow it down to just a few...


Exotic flora frames the rough stone of this outdoor shower (below) and the aubergine tinted walls behind give it a Bohemian quality. I'm not sure where in the world it's located but it feels quite Balinese to me.


This simple yet striking design wouldn't look out of place in The Hamptons, you could imagine coming straight off the boat and running up to de-salt flowing locks under the warm water. The smooth concrete platform gives it a modern edge.


With the huge banana leaves in the background I imagine this style of outdoor shower belongs in the sub-continent although the green and white scheme wouldn't look out of place in the Caribbean.  The surrounding vegetation would really make you feel at one with nature, reminded only of civilisation by the crisp, white metro tiles. The wooden walkway would feel warm under foot even after an ice-cold soaking.

It's perhaps strange to think of an outdoor bathroom as the height of luxury when, just a generation ago, that was pretty much the only option! However, I think bathing under the warm sun to the sound of cicadas is slightly preferable to blowing away the spiders from a freezing cold tub, don't you?



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