Oh, how I love March!  It is by far my favourite month of the year.  After the gloomy depths of February everything seems to suddenly come alive this month.  My favourite daffs are in full bloom and Easter is just around the corner.

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

On a day like today, where I'm sitting at the dining table with the sun streaming in through the windows, I feel especially upbeat and positive - even though the sun streaming through the windows reminds me how much they need cleaning!

As you probably know, I'm no stranger to a good Spring Clean.  I love nothing more than flinging open all the doors and windows and having a good old tidy.  Inspired by the Kondo effect (read about it here), over the last few weeks I have given the wood floor a proper clean, thrown out all the out of date food stuff in the kitchen cupboards (probably should have done that sooner - some of it was 5 years old!), swept up all the leaves outside and cut back all the dead plants in the garden in readiness for the new growth.  I've also managed to fill five bin bags full of clothes, books and other bits and bobs to take to the charity shop.  

Things are starting to feel a lot lighter and brighter again.  It'll probably be even better once I've tackled those windows!