Sometimes emails land in my inbox with a spurious subject line and more often than not they turn out to be rubbish.  Today I received one such email with the title 'A Heads Up About'.  I assumed it would be the usual gumph from an SEO company or hosting site.

Photo: Veronica Rodriguez, Styling: Very Kerry H

Photo: Veronica Rodriguez, Styling: Very Kerry H

Obviously, I opened it anyway - just to be sure - and I'm glad I did!  It turned out to be from Vision Homes, an Australian building company who were writing to tell me that my blog has been featured in their Top 100 Interior Design Blogs for New Home Builders (yes, it's a bit of a wordy title - they could've stopped after 'blogs' ;-) ).

Me! With my little blog wot I wrote!  I'm feeling a little proud of myself, I have to admit (and I wanted to show off a bit) so here's a link to the full list...