Photo ©VeryKerryH

Photo ©VeryKerryH

I've gotten a little behind on the updates mainly because not much has been happening apart from painting.  You may think that means it's nearly finished but alas, no. It's because there's little else to do at the moment.

Last week there was a major setback when the window fitters came to install the new French doors.  It was the news I had been kind of expecting but hoping not to hear:  A steel needs to be put in place of the existing wooden joist that is holding up the entire back wall of the building. Removing the window without doing this first could be catastrophic and so, until a structural engineer has had a look, all work has stopped.  Ooh, I feel a bit like Kevin McCloud on Grand Designs! 

The good news is that the new sash window in the former kitchen was installed and looks great and nearly all the plumbing has been done except the all-important drain for the shower room. 

So...painting is how I spent the majority of Easter.  That and filling, sanding and priming.  I've been guilty in the past of skimping on the prep just to get to the good bit but I've learnt that, as with everything, preparation is key.  I invested in a little sanding 'mouse' to make things easier and it certainly helped.

In the living room I have taken a step outside my usual comfort zone and painted the door and fire surround in the same colour as the kitchen units - Off Black.  I'm so pleased with the result!

Painting the frame in the same colour as the door makes it look quite imposing but it really fits with the proportions of the room.  Had I kept the frame white along with the skirting boards it would have made the door shrink back but now it stands out as a feature in its own right - I love it, what do you think?