Good morning! A little late with this today but better late than never.  This week's Monochrome Moment comes courtesy of Mikkel Dahlstrøm, co-founder of Danish creative content company Another Studio.  His Instagram feed is a work of art - awash with inspiring lifestyle images all cohesively collated in muted tones.  This image particularly caught my eye, it is a lesson in how to style a coffee table: arty books, a simple floral display and a subtle metallic element to add a bit of sparkle.  Just perfect!

 Image: Mikkel Dahlstrøm via Instagram

Image: Mikkel Dahlstrøm via Instagram

To see more of Mikkel's beautiful images follow him on Instagram @mikkeldahlstroem

Have a great week!



Yes, I know, I've missed a couple of weeks :-/ Sorry about that, life kinda got in the way a bit! I think I'm back on top of everything now so let's kick off this final week of March with another Monochrome Moment.


I'm indulging myself a little for this one as I'm sharing not only one of my own images but also the artwork in the image.  I've always loved to paint and have dreamt of having my own studio space ever since I can remember.  Now, that dream has become a sort of reality since I have finally rescued my drawing board from my mum's loft and I have renamed the office/guest room as The Studio. 

My preferred subject has always been people and at one stage I wanted to emulate my favourite artist, the fashion illustrator David Downton, but recently I have discovered so much joy in painting some abstract works.  In not very arty speak, I love just chucking the paint on, layering it up and scraping it back until it feels just right.  In short, I'm making it up as I go along but I'm quite pleased with the results so thought I'd share these two small canvases I created for the walls of my bedroom.


What do you think? Are you a fan of abstract or do you prefer something more realistic? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.